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Are you out shopping for a new recliner? If you're then you have probably seen that there is certainly a massive selection of unique recliners. Most individuals imagine on the recliners in the conventional La-Z-Boy design. However, there is certainly a brand new generation of recliners that come equipped with numerous electronic and therapeutic capabilities.

When we think in the recliner, we typically imagine of a comfortable chair where we can raise are legs. That is certainly what arrives to mind for me. The new generation of recliners is motorized and reclines electronically at the touch of the button.

You are able to begin to think on the new generation of recliners as the 21st century recliner. A single of the recliner fitting this bill will be the Skyline relaxation recliner from Omega Massage. The Skyline relaxation and recliner happens which has a host of functions for your comfort and relaxation and pleasure.

The initial thing you notice about the Skyline recliner is its gorgeous style. It can be a contemporary lounger that will come which includes a one-piece redwood back cover and French inspired chrome feet. Don't let the good looks fool you, this recliner is packed full of fantastic therapies.

The Skyline relaxation chair happens with an MP3 player and headphones. You can download your favorite music onto the USB stick and plug it into its port. This lets you just sit back again and relax to take your mind off of the troubles in the day.

Use the motorized recline to discover a relaxing and secure position. You are able to operate the motorized recline for both the leg rest and the chair back again. This relaxation chair enables you to recline back 170.

Now that you are in a relaxed position as well as music is playing, it is possible to that work via the distinct therapy selections contained inside the Skyline relaxation chair. It arrives with an air massage process, a vibro- massage, lower lumbar kneading and total body heat.

Relax in design and elegance with the Skyline relaxation massage chair. You can choose from the several treatment choices individually or use them in combination. This really is a beautifully developed recliner that may complement your property or office. Just feel belonging to the convenience of receiving soothing massage treatments on demand.

Soothe your system while you unwind while using air massage process. The air massage process consists of seven airbags to offer pushing and pulling movements on several areas belonging to the physique. Specially developed airbags are utilized to unwind your muscles.

You can find three specially made vibration programs while using Skyline relaxation chair. Every of these programs is developed to penetrate deeply by means of the muscle tissue. You will find eight vibration motors to soothe and relieve your fatigued lower body.

One more superb feature from the 21st-century recliner may be the addition of your complete human body heat. The application of heat has been utilized to lessen swelling and increase circulation. Heat is usually a excellent method to unwind. The Skyline recliner is best for just putting on the heat and just relaxing.

The Skyline relaxation massage chair isn't your father's recliner. It is a 21st-century recliner with 21st-century attributes. This sleek contemporary developed recliner is a ideal complement for the household or the office. Get the modern comfort and elegance from the Skyline relaxation recliner.

How to choose a recliner chair

If you want comfort and relaxation then a recliner chair is undeniably one piece of furnishing that you need to invest in. Often regarded as the best 'big boys' chair, the recliner chair is a very comfy chair that is built for both indoor and outdoor use.

These recliner chairs have a truly adjustable reclining operation so that the user can adjust the reclining chair in the way they find most cosy. The wide range of styles and models of riser recliners now available means there's recliner furniture to blend with any style of room. These recliner chairs are ideal for individuals who are taller or larger than average. With their adjustable seat height and higher back supports these models are brilliant. In addition, storage areas can hold cold drinks or gadgets like television remote controls or mobile phones.
Lots of the types of recliner chairs include the sofa type, sectional, loveseat, recliner, and naturally the conventional chair. There are outside recliner chairs too which are excellent for the yard.

The TCS swivel reclining chair is one more item of furniture that may come in extremely useful as it is very flexible. The wide range of swivelling recliner chair models available means that they may be employed for the office or even as an additional chair in a den or bedroom. As with some more sorts of chair, swivel recliner chairs are available in a range of sizes, colours, and made of a number of fabrics. For those leather recliners that come with accessories such as footrests you must also consider the room area you have to install it in.
Naturally it isn't just one maker that boasts this recliner functionality as there are lots of competing recliner chairs that offer the very best way to relax at home. Some of the top brands are: Stressless, Celebrity, La-z-Boy (often referred to as Lazy Boy or Lazyboy), Relaxateeze and TCS. Recliners can cost a lot more than standard chair types, though their adaptability means they're well worth the additional initial investment.

According to your necessities, reclining chairs are built as massage chairs, regular seats, and full-featured home theater recliners. The massage type of recliner chairs can have built-in infra red heat technology and music that's's actually synchronised to the tempo of the massage cycle. A massage type of recliner chair will also have several pre-configured massage routines so you can use the one you like most. The massaging recliner is glorious at relieving tired and sore muscles.

These 3 types of recliner chair all have their individual benefits and uses. Of course there are so many styles, designs and forms to make a choice from the price can vary significantly, but the Net has the best range to make a choice from. My personal favourites are the recliner chairs from Stressless Ekornes as they are so comfortable but very stylish too.

Different Types of Recliners

Do you know there are different types of leather recliners? According to, there are three types of leather recliners: the traditional two position recliner, the rocker/wall-saver recliner and the push-back/flex-back recliner. Let's take a closer look at these 3 different types of recliners:

Two-position recliner:
Comparing to the other types, this type of recliner is less expensive and you can get one for as low as $99. While we still categorize it as leather recliner, it is not fully covered by real leather. Some parts like outside back and side panels are actually covered by viny. It is exactly where it dramatically reduces the price of the recliner. Although the two-position is cheaper, it has limited selection of styles and fabrics and in most cases, the warranty is only offered for no more than 1 year.
The Rocker/Wall-saver Recliner:
This is the most popular recliner and thus it is most widely manufactured. With this recliner, you can rock while seated upright and it has a lot of different reclining angles. As the name indicated, if you go with the wall-saver option, you can position the recliner very close to the wall. It is very ideal if you have limited spaces. Comparing to the two-position recliner, it has a greater selection of styles and fabrics and an assortment of reclining angles. However, it is more expensive and the wall-saver recliner does not feature the rocking mechanism.

Push-back Recliners
Unlike the previous 2 types of recliners, the push-back recliner is mostly covered with leather and it fits well in a modern-looking room with its sleek design. While it is more stylish, the uses of leather make it more much more expensive. It is a great recliner chair in the way that it does not automatically recliner when someone is seated.

For more information about leather recliners, you can visit sections such as leather recliner , recliner chairand recliner sofa from our recliner guide.

Berkline Recliners and Sofas

Written by kurojohns
Perhaps you are thinking about changing out your current furniture. Get what you deserve, a comfortable set of furniture to help you relax. A great way to achieve this is to look at Berkline furniture, Berkline recliners and Berkline sofas.

If you haven't heard of Berkline furniture, Berkline recliners and Berkline sofas, boy are you missing out. Berkline is one of the most well known furniture lines. Berkline furniture, Berkline recliners and Berkline sofas will last a long time.

Let’s look at some specific pieces of furniture in the Berkline name.

Berkline Recliners
It used to take a lot of work to actually recline in a recliner. Recliners used to have a side lever that required pulling or pushing to get the chair to recline. This always takes way too much energy when all you want to do is relax. This old lever idea is not utilized in Berkline recliners. Berkline features automatic recliners. Now all you have to do is push a button. The chair will then move automatically into the reclining position.

Berkline recliners feature built in massagers which will work out your muscles and help you relax.

Berkline Sofas
You may also want to think about Berkline sofas. Purchasing a sofa is a big deal. Most likely one of the largest investments you will make when furnishing your home. Be selective in you purchase of a sofa, select one that you will still like in a few years. This is why you so many people choose Berkline sofas.

Berkline sofas are made with quality and built for comfort. While they may cost a little more up front, they will be pieces that you will love sitting on day after day. It will last much longer than other sofas by holding up to the daily use.

When you're ready to make a purchase of Berkline furniture, Berkline recliners and Berkline sofas, take your time, test out a few and learn about them and then choose the pieces that are best for your home.
Comfort furniture store is a store specializing in the sales of Berkline Furniture.

How to Repair Your Lazyboy Recliner

Lazyboy recliners have a worldwide reputation for comfort, style, durability and quality. However, as in all furniture, everyday use (and misuse) can wear your favorite, overused chair out. Even if you swore by taking care and maintaining your Lazyboy, time will come when your recliner will need professional repair and maintenance.

When your Lazyboy recliner starts to fail you, it is very important that you promptly attend to it and have it checked as soon as possible. Just leaving it as is, and assuming that it will not worsen, can lead your chair prone to more damage. As you know, more damage means more repair costs.

When this happens, how do you get your Lazyboy recliner repaired? Below are some useful tips.

Check the warranty coverage.
If you have just recently bought your Lazyboy brand new, your recliner may still be entitled to a warranty. Most Lazyboy recliners have limited lifetime warranty on many mechanisms and certain parts, while most other parts are covered for at least a year for repair and service. If your recliner acts up and it is not your fault, you can have it repaired for free under the warranty conditions. Bear in mind though that this warranty is not covered if your recliner was damaged due to improper handling, and if it shows signs of abnormal use such as excessive soiling. Moreover, the warranty does not pay for freight charges for transport and handling.

Consult with your dealer.
If your warranty coverage is expired, your next option is to contact your dealer or the furniture shop where you bought your Lazyboy recliner from. If you have bought your recliner from a reliable authorized Lazyboy dealer, they should be able to assist you with your repair needs. They will surely have the experience in recliner repair and would know what to suggest. They might even have in house repair staff that can do the repairs for you. If your original dealer is inaccessible, you can check for nearby authorized dealers. You can check out the Lazyboy website for a list of local dealers in your area.

Contact your local repairman.
If your warranty has expired, or if the repairs to be done are not covered by the warranty, you will shoulder all the repair costs. Repair costs are generally heavy on the pocket, so you might find it more affordable to ask the help of your local repairman. Find a repairman who already had experience in repairing recliners. Should the repair need spare parts, your local repairman should be able to assist you in finding them. Ask around for recommendations for a good repairman in your area.

Check your manual.
There are simple Lazyboy problems that you can fix yourself, and they are all listed in the manual that came with your purchase. The manual also gives you tips and suggestions for taking care of your Lazyboy recliner. But, never try to do it yourself if the repairs needs professional handling to do. A recliner is not a wooden chair so unless you know its intricate details, ask for the help of someone who does.

Exercise, Eat Well and...Recline?

Reduce Stress with Healthy Behaviors and Reclining at Home

Monroe, Michigan (Vocus) December 9, 2009 -- Unemployment is high, job security is low and the economy has yet to make a big comeback. The holidays, with their many obligations and expectations, also are right around the corner. The combination of these factors means people are more stressed than ever – in fact, according to the American Psychological Association, 75 percent of adults have recently experienced moderate to high levels of stress, and 42 percent of people believe that their stress levels have increased over the past year. So what can we do about all of this stress? Relax! According to a recent study* of primary care physicians, 94 percent of doctors say daily relaxation at home, in conjunction with other healthy behaviors, is important to reduce stress.

Health consciousness has risen dramatically over the past few decades, but so have stress levels, and many people mistakenly believe that healthy living equals busy living,” says Dr. Dave David, a board-certified physician who has been practicing medicine for more than 30 years.

When we have so many tasks on our to-do list, it’s nice to know that less activity can be healthy. On average, doctors recommend approximately one hour of relaxation each day to combat stress. Follow these tips to reduce stress levels and make the most out of your hour.

Create a Haven at Home
Relaxing at home won’t be nearly as beneficial if you lack a comfortable, soothing atmosphere. Get off of that hard desk chair and settle into a comfortable, quality recliner – 96 percent of primary care physicians recommend sitting in a reclined position to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

“The reclining position is especially helpful because it prevents swelling and edema, promotes good posture and eases pressure on the joints,” says Dr. David.

When considering the purchase of a recliner, look for an option that offers a back and footrest that reclines independently. For example, many La-Z-Boy recliners offer this feature, which results in the ability to tailor different comfort levels.

“La-Z-Boy offers so many different options when it comes to recliners, and every position offers total body andlumbar support, meaning that there is no extra stress on any one
part of the body,” says Dr. David.

Take Care of Your Physical Health
The mind and the body are linked, so when you improve your physical
health, you’ll automatically experience greater mental and emotional
well-being. Engage in healthy activities such as exercising,
getting enough sleep and eating healthy foods.

Exercise, Eat Well and Recline – Add One

* Exercise is not only essential to your health, strengthening your heart and lungs, but it also releases endorphins, powerful chemicals that energize you and lift your mood. These feel-good chemicals can help lessen feelings of anxiety or the “blues” that often come with stress.
* Getting an adequate amount of sleep also is important to emotional health. Lack of sleep results in a reduced ability to manage moods, which means less control over stress. Although the amount of sleep each person needs varies, doctors generally recommend seven to eight hours a night.
* It’s tempting to reach for a large scoop of ice cream after a stressful day – 43 percent of Americans say they overeat or eat unhealthy foods to manage stress. Instead, reach for healthy, stress-reducing foods. Research shows that vitamins like B complex, C and E, along with minerals like manganese, selenium and zinc are helpful in relieving stress. A couple of easy foods to try are dried apricots, which are rich in magnesium, and milk, which is high in calcium and protein, a combination that helps keep blood-sugar stabilized.

Manage Your Emotional Health
Adjusting thoughts and expectations and engaging in meditative activities are important tools to managing and reducing stress. For the recommended one hour of relaxation, try engaging in soothing and reflective activities such as reading, listening to music and meditating. These will promote relaxation and self-awareness and decrease stress.

1. When reflecting on the day or the tasks to come, focus on having an optimistic, but also realistic attitude. Be realistic in what can be accomplished, and recognize what can't be controlled.

2. For holiday stress, it’s important to realize that no Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or other holiday celebration is perfect. View inevitable missteps as opportunities to demonstrate flexibility and resilience.

3. Practice balancing emotions – focusing on appreciative, generous or empowering thoughts for the same amount of time you concentrate on stressors and worry.

“Taking time to relax and unwind each day can be beneficial in many ways, including lowering blood pressureand increasing emotional and mental health,” says Dr. David. “So make it a point everyday to grab a good book, check negative emotions at the door and lean back in that recliner!”

About La-Z-Boy
Headquartered in Monroe, Mich., La-Z-Boy is one of the world’s leading residential furniture producers. The company manufactures a full line of comfortable products for the living room and family room, including the company’s world-famous recliners, reclining sofas and love seats, sleep sofas, modular furniture and leather upholstery, as well as stationary sofas, love seats and chairs. It is a division of La-Z-Boy Incorporated (NYSE: LZB), one of the world’s leading residential furniture producers, marketing furniture for every room of the home. Comfort. It’s what we do. ®